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Why Choose Running Law?

When you’re facing financial difficulties, there are dozens of Minneapolis-area law firms who promise to be able to help you resolve them. Why should you choose the Running Law Firm? 

Experience in all types of bankruptcy and debt resolution

The Running Law Firm has a reputation for handling complex bankruptcy cases, many of which are referred by respected colleagues. Whether a case is complex or relatively straightforward, we are equipped to handle it effectively and efficiently. 

The definition of a true professional is someone who deals with a situation she’s handled a thousand times with the same care she used the first time. There is no such thing as a “routine” case to us, because we know that each case is life-changing for the client who brings it to us. We may have the experience born of handling hundreds of cases, but we will never treat a case as if it’s “just another file.”

Personalized service from start to finish

Many firms can competently handle a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. These cases necessarily follow a predictable path. Certain information is needed to complete the filing, prepare for the meeting of creditors, and address other specific issues.

At the Running Law Firm, we don’t just work on cases--we work with people.  We collaborate with our clients to resolve problems. We want to talk about how you came to find yourself in financial difficulties, your concerns about your current situation, and your financial goals once it’s resolved. To use a medical analogy, we don’t just perform surgery to remove your financial sickness. We want to help you achieve financial health.

To that end, you will work with your attorney, not just a paralegal or staff member, throughout your case. We know you have worries and questions. We’ll be here to help address and resolve them, from start to finish.

The respect you deserve

Being in financial trouble is hard, and it can happen to anyone. Most of our clients have done everything in their power to repay their debts and avoid bankruptcy. You may be feeling anxious, depressed, or even ashamed to be in dire financial straits; our goal is to help you realize that brighter financial days are ahead, and to work with you to help them arrive as quickly as possible. We will always treat you with the respect we would want if we were going through the same difficult circumstances.

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